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All Ages:557 
Age Group:52 
Short Course:11 
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Stratford Sharks Swimming Club
Stratford Sharks Swimming Club
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Registered Charity: 1165857

You can access session times for each squad by look at the Timetable page on the Swimmers menu.

Competitive Squads, Fees &  Training Information


  • Squad membership is determined by the Head Coach following consultation with the Squad Coaches
  • Factors such as age, sex, attitude, attendance, punctuality, training and competitive performance plus the ability to keep pace with a particular group will be considered along with the promotion criteria for the squad.
  • A flow chart explaining the progression through the squads can be viewed on the Squad Progression page.

Fee Structure as of 1st February 2016

The Monthly fees for Stratford Sharks are paid in advance payable by Direct Debit on or about the 1st of each month. 

 Fees 1st February 2016
Charity Subs
Training Fees
Total Payable
                                                              Collected by GoCardless DD
 Academy Bronze Monthly £10.00  £18.50  £28.50
 Academy Silver Monthly £10.00  £22.50  £32.50
 Academy Gold Monthly £10.00  £24.50  £34.50
 Junior Development Monthly
£10.00  £33.50  £43.50
 Junior Development Select Monthly £10.00  £35.50  £45.50
 Junior Performance Monthly
£10.00  £38.50  £48.50
 Junior Club (NOW CLOSED) Monthly £10.00  £18.50  £28.50
 Senior Club Monthly £10.00  £25.00  £35.00
 Senior Competitive Monthly £10.00  £38.50  £48.50
 Senior Performance Monthly £10.00  £44.00  £54.00
 Masters 2 (Twice per Week) Monthly £10.00  £20.50  £30.50
 Masters Unlimited Monthly
£10.00  £29.50  £39.50
 Student (University or Boarding) Monthly £10.00 £3.50  £13.50
 Charity Joining Fee One Off
 Charity Renewal Fee Annual  1st September
 ASA Category 1: Non Competitive Members      Annual - 2017 2nd March
 ASA Category 2: Competitive Members Annual - 2017 2nd March

Hardship Support - With help from the Stratford Town Trust, we are able to provide support to families from within the Stratford Town area whose circumstances challenge their ability to meet our membership fees. If you feel this applies to you, please contact the membership secretary in the first instance.

Sickness or Hospitalization- adjustments to fees to account for long term sickness or specific injury that prevent members from swimming will be adjusted by the Membership Secretary with the Direct Debit system.

Personal Details Changes- If at any time of the year, any of your personal details change, such as home address or e-mail please notify us as soon as possible (membership@stratfordsharksasc.co.uk).

General Principles

The main focus for the squad structure is to improve the standard of competitive performance and technique throughout the club through improved training discipline and attitude.

Guidelines can be found below as to the nature of the rules and training guidelines.

It is our hope that through the implementation of these practices we can develop the standard of all of the swimmers in the club in a fun and safe environment.

Squads will be reviewed regularly during the year and progression between squads is at the decretion of the head coach.

Rules and Training Guidelines:

If there is a specific reason for being late to a particular session on a weekly bases please inform the coaching staff beforehand. Persistent late arrivals will result in the involvement of the parents to determine the cause.

Lane discipline includes several aspects of training etiquette -

Correct starts, turns and finishes every time.

Finishing on the wall every time, and allow others to do the same.

If you are being overtaken, it is NOT your responsibility to do anything. It is the job of the person doing the overtaking to swim faster and go past the other swimmer while causing minimal disruption to the other swimmer. If you are being overtaken, do not stop swimming!

Stopping during a set significantly reduces the benefit of that set and will no longer be acceptable. Stopping during a set and impeding other swimmers will not be tolerated.

Swimmers should go to the toilet prior to every session. Toilet breaks will only be allowed in between main sets not during them.

Session Monitoring:

We monitor session attendance for all squads on a weekly basis and produce an average based on a monthly cycle.

To avoid any confusion with Session Monitoring and Attendance we would request that you follow the guidelines below for absences;

For performance group swimmers if you know you will miss a session(s) due to holidays or another engagement please e-mail your coach beforehand so they are aware.

If you have been ill or injured please tell your coach so they are aware before the start of a session!

  • Monitored on a monthly basis for each squad
  • Attendance hours recorded for all squads
  • Core training hours are recorded as pool time only, land training is additional and does not count towards core hours.
  • Incomplete session are recorded as attended but with zero hours.
  • Performance group swimmers must meet the monthly target hours for their squad, currently 24 hours for Junior Performance and 26 core hours for Senior Performance.

2nd March