05 Feb 2024

Long Course Training, C&Ds relay and Counties

Jan was a fairly busy month after the xmas break and started off with the long course training at Alan Higgs. Sharks had 32 swimmers qualfied for the Warwickshire County championships this year and took all of them plus some others for training at Alan higgs, the training was led by John Ayde of Derby Excel swimming club.

He had brought Georgie Pryor with him who has the uk fastest time last year for 100 back. She was staggeringly good at underwater work and the sessions were mainly focussed on underwater technique, this has been the focus for Dev and P3 sessions for most of the month.

The C&D relay gala was held on the night after the final long course session, this was a long course relay only gala with freestyle and medley events for all age groups.

Sharks took a very large team of swimmers and volunteers to the event with 56 competitors in all. We were up against some very strong teams from the other C&D members and finished with some very good results including our 11-12 year old girls medley team (Harriet, Eve, Arabella and Evangeline ) walking away with the 3rd place shield.

The end of the month saw weekends 1 and 2 of the warwickshire counties 2024.

The participants were, Harry C, Chris D, Arturo H, Dalton L, Alex S, Jacob S, Toby S, Oliver S, Keenan S, Henry W, Lottie A, Bella B, Molly B, Eve E, Isobel G, Katy H, Evangeline H, Elle H, Immy H, Amelia J, Hannah J, Pearl K, Juliette M, Grace M, Arabella P, Charlotte P, Harriet R, Annabel S, Isla T, Mya T and Cora W.

Just getting a time this year was a real achievement as the times had become harder to get but Sharks really did fantastically well with a medal haul of 25.

The round up was:-
#1 Evangeline H(12 50m fly county champion)
#2 Jacob S (12 100m Breast) Izzy Gl (17 50m Back)
#3 Isla T (12 50m Back) Jacob S (12 50m Breast, 200m Breast) Katy H (16 50m free)
Evangeline, Arabella, Eve, Isla (11/12 200m Medley Relay)
#5 Katy H (16 100m Free) Oliver S(17 50m back) Arabella P (12 100m breast)  Evangeline H (12 50m back)
#6 Jacob S (12 200m IM)
#7 Jacob S (12 100m Back) Izzy G (17 50m Free) Keenan S (16 50m Fly)
#8 Eve E(12 200m Breast) Keenan S (16 50m Breast) Elle H (16 50m back) Juliette M, Elle H, Izzy G, Katy H (Girls 15+ Freestyle Relay)

Galas in Feb

Ginger North Invites for the Ginger North team went out last month and this is the only gala now in Feb. 
Ginger North 24th Feb Newbold Comyn
The next gala we will have entries going out for is the C&Ds may meet, entries will be sent out early March.
The competition Calender is now updated for the next 7 months right up to september.
Link to competition planner

Random Stats

If you add up all the attendance last year, we collectively put in 20,214 hours of training!

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